Make the most of the fair

We’ve got a whole host of employers on campus at the Summer Placement & Grad Jobs Fair on Thursday 23rd Feb – how can you make the most of this opportunity and ensure that the time you spend here is time well spent when you’re busy with coursework and dissertation deadlines looming? Here are our top tips…

1. Ask pertinent questions

Think about what you want to know and ask the employer while they’re here. Ask for their top tips for applicants or speak to them about which roles they feel you’d be most suitable for. If they’ve given you useful advice ask them for their name/contact details then should their application form ask where you heard about them or what research you’ve done you can be specific about who you spoke to and the advice they gave.

2. Do your research

A number of recruiters are coming along with some great roles to fill. Spend some time before the fair looking at their websites, be aware of their deadlines and think about the questions you want to ask them (see above!)

Recruiters with jobs to fill include National Citizen Service , Abercrombie & Fitch, ion Search, Smaller Earth and Graduate Talent Pool

3. Prepare your pitch

Think about what you might have to offer each company & what they might be interested in about – this could be the course you’re studying or the work experience you’ve got. This can then form the basis of your conversation e.g. ‘Hi, I’m Anna and I’m studying Childhood & Youth. I’m currently volunteering for the NSPCC as I’m interested in getting into Social Work. I’ve seen that you have a Learning & Behaviour Mentor position available at NCS this summer can you tell me more about the role and what experience you look for?’

4. Get you application checked before you send it

If you’ve found the perfect job/internship, spoken to the company and are ready to apply that’s great! Don’t delay in pressing send on your application but do get it checked before you send it. Use our drop-in to get applications  or your CV professionally checked before you submit them. We’re here to help every step of the way!

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