SALA – your need to know guide

Want to graduate with valuable experience and an additional award? We’d recommend completing the Liverpool Hope University Service and Leadership Award (SALA).

What is SALA?

SALA, an award you can receive upon graduation, offers you the opportunity to enhance your university experience, boost your career prospects and develop a variety of skills.

What do I need to do?

You need to complete some core training by attending our talks on Volunteering and Service to the Community, Health & Safety, Personal & Professional Reflection, Leadership in the 21st Century and Cultural Awareness with Equality and Diversity.  You’ll also need to attend 3 skills development talks. There’s a really wide variety of talks taking place on campus for you to choose from. Visit My Careers Centre via MyHope for a full list of upcoming talks. If you’re attending training or talks as part of your volunteering (e.g. safeguarding, counselling skills, health & safety) we can count this towards your skills development too.

To qualify for the SALA award you need to complete 80+ hours of volunteering in at least 2 different projects and complete dated reflective reviews alongside this.

Once you’ve completed your volunteering hours and attended all the talks you then need to complete a Reflective Review Task. The Reflective Review Task can be a 200 word essay, a presentation or a blog, vlog, YouTube film or other multimedia format.

I’m already volunteering – can this count towards my hours?

Yes! come and see us in the Employability Hub so we can make sure all the health & safety paperwork is in place and to chat through what you’re doing. We can then make sure your hours count.

Is there a time limit on SALA?

There will be a cut off date in your final year before which you’ll need to complete everything. If you’re registered on SALA we’ll be in touch ahead of this date.  from 2016/17 all students starting at Hope are automatically registered on SALA. If you started your course before September 2016 you’ll need to opt in – you can do this via My Careers Centre on My Hope.

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