Music Rights Management – Cornerstone Arts Festival

We sent our Intern, Thomas Bagshaw, to last week’s Cornerstone Arts Festival. If you couldn’t make it to our careers talks here’s Tom’s essential guide to Music Rights Management…

Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music, a musical rights management firm, hosted a session on musical rights and intellectual property.

Sentric Music works with over 25,000 bands across the UK ensuring they receive the money for others using their music in return for a 20% commission.

Simon commented on how you could use your music degree without being a performer. His role falls in line with law within music.

Simon has been working for Sentric Music for 11 years and started the company up with a friend. Half of the company is focused around technology and the other half is focused around intellectual property.

During Simon’s talk he mentioned his own 10 tips on applying for a job in the music industry which, handily for us, he’s already posted in a blog: 10 tips when applying for a job in the industry.

Research, experience and your CV will all be critical in your success. Do your research, gain relevant experience and use the Careers Service support to get your CV checked!

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