Want to make a difference? Why not work for an MP or political pressure group…

Many of our students, especially social sciences students have expressed their desire to pursue a career that makes a positive impact on people’s lives.  There are many different sectors and career paths which will let you do this. You can visit the Liverpool Hope Careers Education Resources section in My Careers Centre to download e-guides on Working in the Voluntary and Community sector and Working with Children and Young People to learn more.

Another area that people do not normally consider is working for an MP, charity or political pressure group. These positions provide you with a great platform to make a real difference in communities and individuals lives.

Moving on from the recent general election there are many constituencies around the country whose seats have changed to that of a different party.  These new MP’s are currently seeking to build new teams, with roles such as caseworkers and office managers. There will also be long standing MP’s who need to expand their team offering opportunities too. There will be opportunities across all political parties. These are great opportunities to make a difference and to gain insight into politics.

If you are interested in working for an MP, I suggest you check out this webpage to find out more: http://www.w4mpjobs.org/SearchJobs.aspx?search=alljobs

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