Why a part-time job is great for your future career

With the Part-Time Jobs Fair next Tuesday 10th October 2017, 12pm-2pm in Our Place, we thought it would be great to talk about why a part-time job is great for your future career.

Part-time work can often just feel like a necessary part of student life, an essential top up to your maintenance loans. But, part-time jobs are much more than that in the eyes of your future employer. This blog names the top 5 skills you show graduate employers through part-time work, plus a run down of the best places to look for a Christmas temp job which often turn in to great long term part time roles.

  1. Commitment. While your peers were spending Saturdays on netflix, your regular part-time job shows commitment. The determination and motivation to hold down regular work during student life. 
  2. Working under pressure. Lots of part-time roles, like retail or hospitality, are fast paced and high pressure. If you can keep 12 tables of customers happy on a busy Saturday shift then you can definitely work well under pressure. 
  3. Organisation and time-management. Balancing the routine of a part-time role and the rest of your studies is a tough act. Making it through university with a job and achieving great results demonstrates great organisation and your abilities to manage your time and priorities well. 
  4. Team work. Your part-time job probably has you working alongside a team of colleagues. Knowing how to fit in to a team dynamic and remain motivated and motivate others in an essential skill for nearly all graduate jobs. 
  5. Customer awareness. At a guess, your part-time job has you dealing with people on every shift. Understanding the customers needs and making them a priority in your working practice is a stand-out skill in graduate recruitment. 


So who is hiring for part-time seasonal roles this Christmas?

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