Service and Leadership Award (SALA)

Now all of the excitement of starting or coming back to University is over, we thought it would be a great time to release a blog about the Service and Leadership Award at Hope.

Many of our students undertake volunteering anyway, the SALA helps add meaning and structure to that experience.

The Service and Leadership Award enables students at Liverpool Hope University to take action as responsible, global citizens and lead communities towards a strong, healthy and just society living within environmental limits.


We believe in the power of service and leadership to change lives and strengthen our capacity to sustain action towards a fairer world. We believe in the importance of challenging and reflecting on our learning and broadening it to include the learning generated by service to others.

The Liverpool Hope University Service and Leadership Award strives to encourage:

  1. The development of volunteers who will engage in a variety of community-based activities within the UK and abroad in a respectful, educated and caring manner.


  1. A detailed and comprehensive understanding of diversity, cultures, religious and spiritual beliefs and experiences within the global context of society.


  1. The potential of volunteers for future leadership in taking action to promote change that would make a measurable difference to the lives of others.


  1. The enhancement of the university experience for students and to develop the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in the world of work whilst giving service to community projects.


All students are encouraged to take part in the Award. Visit the SALA area on My Careers Centre to see the different tasks which need completing for the award, labelled SALA 1 to 6.

All Core Talks can be found on My Events in My Careers Centre.

There are 4 Core talks which you would have to attend; a SALA induction, a Reflections talk, a Cultural Awareness and a Leadership talk.

You will need to plan using SMART objectives, who you are going to complete the SALA and develop your skills and experiences,

You will have to attend 3 skills development events/activities/talks. This can be anything other than core talks on the events section of my careers centre or anything else where you are gaining relevant knowledge, training or developing a skill, inside or outside of the University (anything within your degree subject is not counted).

You have to attend 80 hours of volunteering – see my careers centre for more details. The Volunteering Fair is in Our Place on 2nd November from 12 to 2pm, where you can meet firms who are recruiting volunteers.

You will need to keep a reflective log while you are volunteering and write a reflective review task to submit as part of the SALA.

If you would like to take part in the Global Hope project, you must also complete the SALA. More information on Global Hope can be found on this link.

Throughout your SALA experience, you will be supported by members of the SALA committee and the Careers and Employability team.

Please e-mail with any questions, or pop into Careers Express on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s between 10:30 and 12:30 (during Term time).





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