How to Start your own business – guidance on getting started and funding

Starting a business is one of those dreams that most of us have, but then put out of our minds quite quickly because after all, that is what ‘other people do’.

Programmes such as Dragon’s Den and the Apprentice can be educational and we can learn from them, but at the same time they can paint an unrealistic picture of what having your own business means.

Here at Alt Valley Community Trust, the Smarta Business Starter team help people across Merseyside start-up businesses every week.  Social enterprises are getting more popular, as are marketing services for businesses, IT solutions and HR to name a few,  we could fill several columns with the list.  The point is though that these are all you and me, not ‘other people’.

Studying for a degree opens up lots of potential with employers,  and self-employment can be used to earn an income whilst you are studying or alongside your job to build up something for your long term stability. You may be thinking long term and want to be your own boss after graduation?

So what is the difference between those who take the step and those who don’t?

Those that start up overcome the fear of the ‘what if’….

What if it doesn’t work? What if my friends or family don’t approve?  What if there is too much competition?

These are all very real questions and are small hurdles to jump, but with the right help and support you can at least start to educate yourself on what is involved with running a business, what steps you would need to take to get started and most importantly what financial support you can tap into to get going.

For a limited time we have European funding to be able to offer you one to one advice and a range of useful short courses that will give you all the skills and information that you would need to start up and run a successful business, free of charge.

Our ethos is that you access this support on your doorstep.  Your local adviser is Caroline Jones,  Telephone 07582 204145 or email

Caroline will be on campus 5th December from 12pm until 2pm in Our Place to answer your questions and to help you get started. Drop by to find out more. 


Make today the day you become ‘other people’ give us a call

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