Hope Internship Programme

Hope Internship Programme (HIP) is Liverpool Hope University’s graduate internship scheme. HIP offers you the chance to complete a paid internship right here at the University, to help you gain experience and skills to launch your graduate career. This year we’ve welcomed 41 graduates from Class of 2017 as interns on to both Hope Park and Liverpool Hope University.

Kelsey Johnston and Daniel Simpson are working as Marketing & Events Consultants on an 8-week internship in Liverpool Hope Business School. They’re joining us for a feature blog to talk about the first two weeks on the job…

Daniel: Well, it’s been two weeks since I started my graduate internship as part of the Business School. Working as a Marketing and Events Consultant, it is clear to see that I will gain a lot of valuable experience from this role that I can then took to a graduate job in the near future.

Kelsey: Marketing and events are careers that I am considering going into and this internship was the best choice for me to get some experience to ensure that when job searching, I have relevant knowledge to showcase on my CV.

Day One

Daniel: Right from the induction day, I was excited to get going, the day was full of useful information from a variety of people including Careers who came in and gave a talk informing us of how to make the most of the opportunity.

Kelsey: On Tuesday, myself and Dan met up with one of our mentor, Sarah. We were shown to our office where we talked about our roles, and were given a schedule for the rest of the week. Sarah made sure that we were happy with what we were doing and that we knew if there was anything we were particularly interested in, she could help us gain experience in that area.

The Work

Kelsey: Our first task in the internship was to review the Business School’s marketing, suggest plans for changes, and present this to our mentors. Dan and I split the task between us, and reviewed the Business School website, the digital screens, the notice boards, Pulse magazine, student bulletins and the School’s presence on the university’s social media.

Daniel: In our findings we proposed many suggestion of ways to improve the marketing that the LHBS carried out. These include updating content throughout the website, redesign of notice boards, and more involvement with social media.

Kelsey: We also sat in on a meeting for the Liverpool Hope University and Leaders Club Awards- it was good to see how professional meetings were conducted and how queries and requests were handled.

Daniel: Plus, to prepare us for the website management we would be undertaking we were given training using the software Terminal 4. This training session gave us the overview of the process to edit content on the webpage, adding pictures, spotlight boxes and banners where necessary.

Kelsey: Dan and I will be following through with our plans to improve the Business School’s marketing. And, at some point we will be giving the marketing review presentation, with updates, to the whole department of the Business School so that they can see what we have done- a great opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Kelsey: The first two weeks have already provided me with many learning opportunities, and experiences. I am sure the rest of the internship will give even more and I look forward to it.

Daniel: The last two weeks of the internship have been eye- opening to see the opportunities that I have to gain vital experience necessary for the career that I wish to pursue. All of the staff are very welcoming, and I feel encouraged to develop the marketing operation of the business school over the next coming weeks, having a plan in place to continue its development for when I leave.

If you want to find out more about Hope Internship Programme, drop in to the Employability Hub on Hope Park Campus or call 051 291 2032. 

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