6 ways to make a good first impression in your new job

Starting a new job is a big deal. Starting your very first new graduate job can feel like a REALLY big deal. Here are our 6 top tips to make a good first impression in your new job.

1.) Be on time

Do I sound like a broken record? That might be so, but arriving late is the #1 absolute no-go. Check your route, test drive it, do a dummy run on the bus, whatever you need to to make sure you’re there with five minutes to spare.

2.) Be yourself

Whilst it is important to make a good first impression, you also need to give a true impression of who you are and what you are about. After all, that is why they offered you the job in the first place!

3.) Be attentive

Take time to observe your new environment. Make sure you’re always carrying a note pad and pen and be attentive to everything. From the IT system to how your new colleagues’ take their brew.

4.) Be adaptable

Adaptability and flexibility are some of the most sought after traits by employers. Take early opportunities to demonstrate that you are able to handle change effectively and are ready for this new role.

5.) Be patient

Don’t rush in with guns blazing ready to change the world. In most cases, the company and the team you are joining have existed well before you arrived. Take time to understand their habits, strengths and routine. There will be plenty of time to make an impact as you develop in your role.

6.) Be friendly

Make a round of brews, remember your new colleague’s name, ask questions and actively listen to their response. These early days often set the tone for your long-term working relationships and kind gestures go a long way.

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