Using your network to launch your career

Network to launch career

You may have heard of the “hidden jobs market”, well this definitely forms part of it. Small companies, that is to say businesses with less than 50 employees, make up a huge percentage of the jobs market. What you might not know is that their jobs don’t always appear on your indeed job search. These companies often use their networks to find the right staff. And, you should do the same thing to find the right job!

Whilst the big companies and graduate schemes advertise their graduate opportunities widely, opportunities in small businesses can be harder to find online but they are out there in BIG numbers. And there are perks to working for a smaller organisation.

You are likely to be given a greater degree of responsibility and opportunities to build on decision-making and leadership skills. Plus, the work is usually more varied than in larger organisations so graduates often have a better chance to explore different activities and find out what interests them.

So how can you harness your personal network to help your job hunt? Here’s our top three tips…

  1. Consider who you know. This may sound like an overly simple piece of advice, but the best place to start is to audit your connections. Think about who you know, what they do and how they could help. Does your Dad’s friend still work for that marketing organisation? Does your best friend’s uncle still work in the media industry? I promise, you’ll be surprised how many links you already have on your contacts list.
  2. Ask for introductions. Your network doesn’t just consist of who you know, it is also made up of who they know. Your parents might not work in the right area but likelihood is they know someone who does. Or, they know someone who knows someone. Have you heard that everyone on the planet can be linked by 7 degrees of separation? Well start asking for introductions and see how far it gets you!
  3. Remember your online community. Those lost hours spent on instagram and facebook aren’t wasted when it comes to your job search. Do you follow someone who has your “dream job”? Message them! Your existing online network is a powerful tool in your job hunt. Plus, it’s a great place to start in trying to build new connections. Apps like LinkedIn and Shapr are incredibly useful to meet new people who can help you take the next step.

If you want any more advice on your job hunt, book in for a 1-1 appointment with one of our careers advisers by emailing

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