Do Your Research: Teacher Training

Interested in teacher training? Doing your research is key to finding the right option for you and ensuring you make an informed choice before applying.

The new Department for Education (DfE) search tool – Find postgraduate teacher training courses in England allows you to search all the postgraduate options in England. For courses in Wales, Northern Irealnd and Scotland you’ll need to use the UCAS search tool. Here are a few things you might like to research further when choosing your options.


For some subjects postgraduate bursaries and scholarships are available so it’s worth spending some time finding out if you’re eligible for tax-free funding while you train. Extra financial support is available if you’re a parent, have an adult dependant or a disability. Tuition fee and maintenance loans are available for all subjects, regardless of your qualifications and the subject you want to teach (non-salaried training routes).

Salaried options

Some school-based training routes offer a salary so if you already have teaching experience you might wish to research this option. Previously you needed to have at least 3 years of classroom experience, however, the amount of experience you need is now at the discretion of the school. If you’ve got substantial experience you might be able to train and earn a salary. Speak to schools that offer a salaried option to find out if you’d be accepted.

Some salaried options offer QTS only (not a postgraduate qualification), some offer both the postgraduate qualification and QTS while others might ask you to contribute towards the postgraduate qualification (approx. £1500) so do your research on what qualification you get and whether there are any fees to pay.

Course structure

If you’re on a university course you’ll find you spend time on campus with other students and your university will organise your structured placements. If you’re on a school-based course (School Direct or SCITT) the majority of your time will be in your assigned school and it is worth researching the delivery method of your postgraduate learning – do you travel to your awarding university? Does the tutor come to you and deliver training at school? Or will you complete your training online?

The DfE offers support for everyone considering teaching via their Get into Teaching website. We’d recommend registering with them as you can access more support including;

  • Support with arranging school experience via The School Experience Programme.
  • Support from a Teacher Training Adviser for all 2019 applicants (currently not available to secondary PE applicants). Get all your questions answered and access advice from qualified teachers on your funding/bursary eligibility, your personal statement or interviews.
  • Additional support through the Early Engagement Programme for penultimate year students who are considering applying to priority subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), Computing and Geography.


All Liverpool Hope students and recent graduates can get instant access to advice and support from a Careers Advisers at Careers Express every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10.30 – 12.30 in the Employability Hub.

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