Exploring British Science Week

British Science Week has arrived and Liverpool Hope University is delivering a range of activities, workshops and talks throughout the coming days.

Is this for you?


If you are anything like me the word Science can feel irrelevant at first glance, creating connotations of immaculately sterilised labs with Sheldon Cooper calling me a “puny human.” Or still having nightmares about having to memorise the periodic table for GCSE Science….aaaggghhh!

If you are still reading, I will allay fears like these and tell you why British Science Week isn’t just for students here studying so-called hard sciences or even those that belong to the Science Faculty. British Science Week is for everyone and here’s why.

We are all scientists now

A simple definition of Science is that it is the systematic study of something through observation and experimentation in an attempt to discover, prove or disprove something.
Consequently, regardless of whether you study the Arts or Biology, Social Work or Nutrition, History or Robotics the approach to learning at University is always scientific.

Be curious!

The events at British Science Week are an opportunity for you to explore something you may not have considered before. Being curious and acting on it is an underpinning feature of growth, development and discovery. It demonstrates open-minded thinking and is the gateway to connecting ideas across disciplines.

If curiosity killed the cat,
satisfaction brought it back!

Curiosity has led to a variety of accidental inventions from the downright silly to life saving treatment: Play-Doh; Slinky; Cornflakes; non-stick pan; Velcro; the Internet; and, Penicillin.

What’s on?

A range of workshops being hosted by Mathematics, Psychology, Computer Science, Geography, Health Sciences and Sport, inter alia, on themes such as Robotics; Cryptography; Modelling wind flow; and, Sports drinks.

To see events taking place please access the link below: http://www.hope.ac.uk/media/studywithus/departments/healthscience/documents/British_Science_Week_FOR%20PRINT%20(1).pdf




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