How I got my job at BDO in Liverpool

Here in the Careers and Employability Team we love hearing, and sharing, the experiences of our graduates in the workplace. In this blog we hear from Denis, A Geography graduate from Hope, who’s now working for BDO LLP in Liverpool.

What is my job role?
I work at a large accountancy and business advisory firm called BDO LLP. I work in the firm’s Shared Service Centre (SSC), which is based in the Liverpool office, and my job title is SSC Assistant. I do bank letter coordinating for various BDO offices, mainly for London and Leeds. This means that I am constantly in communication with banks around the world and our Audit Managers to provide account balances for our clients end of year audits. This requires careful management of large databases consisting of hundreds of entities and client private banking information. At the moment our team is relatively new, so we are always implementing new ways of improving the process that we do.

How I got the job?
The previous job that I had was in a call-centre which helped me develop my customer service and database management skills, this would later come in handy at BDO LLP. As my contract was ending, I looked for a job on Indeed and found numerous employment opportunities being posted by BDO LLP. In my mind I applied to BDO LLP because I had no idea about business or audits. The entire field is completely new territory to me, and I saw this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge.

One thing I would suggest to all applicants is that you write a Cover Letter with ALL your job applications. I believe it is the fact that I took the time to research the background of the company and its core values, that has helped me to get this job. Some transferable skills from my Geography degree also helped, like dealing with data-sets.

Being educated to a degree level certainly helps to qualify for any job role as it shows your dedication for further development. In the future I would consider applying for a Master’s programme as I can already see the benefits of my Bachelor’s degree, and I am always looking to develop further.

Denis pictured with Nigel Britton, Head of Shared Services at BDO UK LLP

The ability to develop further at BDO LLP
At BDO you’re always developing and growing with the company. There are various courses available which can help you improve your soft skills and technical skills. I am personally a big fan of working with Excel and have completed a QA Intermediate Level – Excel course, and will complete my QA Advanced Level – Excel course around mid-April. Whatever you learn, you can bring back to your team and help shape the work process. I have also mentored a new recruit despite only being with the company a couple of months. After you settle into your primary role, there is also opportunity to take on a secondary role which usually happens after 6 months.

As BDO grows so will you, it is a great place to start your career.

A big thank you to Liverpool Hope University and my lecturers
I want to say a big thank you to LHU and the Geography department for providing me with the experience and the opportunities that I have today. For all the support and advice that I have received during my time in University, as well as after graduation.

Denis Semionov – SSC Assistant at BDO LLP

If you are interested in working at BDO we have a zoom webinar session with BDO’s recruitment team about their Placement Year scheme at their Shared Services Centre on Thursday 5th November at 1pm. They are looking to speak to students on all courses. To register for the zoom link click here

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    We have a Placement Year information session with BDO on Thursday 5th November at 1pm. In the session they will talk about their year in industry roles within their Shared Services Centre. Read about Hope alumni Denis who secured a graduate role within this department.


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