Graduate Access to My Careers Centre


Calling all graduates…if you didn’t know already graduation isn’t the end of your relationship with Liverpool Hope University.

You have access to careers and employability support for the next three years as part of our Three Year Promise. The most useful features of the Promise for you are:

  1. Access to careers appointments (one-to-one, telephone, video call);
  2. Email support;
  3. Careers and employability workshops; and,
  4. Access to My Careers Centre resources

Access to My Careers Centre as a Graduate couldn’t be simpler. Log into My Careers Centre through Moodle. Click on My Profile at the top right-hand side of your dashboard and then click on the Graduate Access panel on the left-hand side of the page.  Lastly, you will be asked to provide a personal email address. Once you have followed these steps you will recieve a web-link to continue use as a Graduate (see below).


If you encounter any issues with Graduate Access or would like to talk to a Careers Adviser please contact us either by phone or email below.                                                               0151 291 2032


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