What is a Placement Year?

Almost every undergraduate student (1st & 2nd year) now has the option of taking a placement year as part of their degree programme. Find out more about this exciting, and potentially life-changing opportunity in our latest blog…

With more and more employers looking for candidates that stand out from the crowd, is there a better way to impress than proving your capabilities in the workplace?

A Placement Year can offer you this opportunity. You’d spend 1 academic year, between 2nd year and final year, working and would return to university for your final year. You get a great insight into a job, you’re given plenty of responsibility, in most cases you’ll be paid (up to £25K) and if you’re lucky you could return to university with a graduate job offer.



So how do you get involved?

If you’re interested in a Placement Year you need to let us know you’re interested so we can support you with finding, applying for and securing a placement. To do this you need to complete a ‘Placement Year Transfer Form’ these can be picked up from the Employability Hub or get a copy e-mailed to you by e-mailing worslea@hope.ac.uk with the subject title ‘Placement Year Transfer Form’

Once you’re registered we’ll support you with finding and applying for a placement year. You can go and work in any industry or sector, you’d just need to be able to demonstrate that the role you’ve applied for fits with your course, your interests or your career objective.

Current 2nd years need to let us know before 30th November 2019.

Rate My Placement currently have over 500 Placement Year opportunities advertised on their website but with deadlines looming you need to be looking and applying now to avoid missing out. You’ve got up until 15th July 2020 to secure a placement but now’s the best time to be making applications. We can help you with your search and applications, just drop into the Employability Hub to access support.

Want to know more? Attend our Placement Year Information Session on Weds 20th Nov at 2pm

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