Final calls and new arrivals for The Careers Express


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Career opportunities during the winter months, for students, has always reminded me of being at a train station at rush hour: that mad dash to catch a departing train or staring at the board, struggling to find which platform you need to be on in 5 minutes time or looking for a connection to get you there quicker when all you really want to do is get home and put your feet up!

Some of the best opportunities for career progression are very much like that over the festive period too! I’m here to explain the various comings and goings that you should consider before you take a well-earned Christmas break.


Final call for: Teacher Training

If you are Level H and would like to become a Teacher, places for teacher training are filling fast. In most cases, applying for teacher training before Christmas is an absolute must!

The majority of teacher training routes are provided by UCAS. However, providers like, Teach First, require you to apply directly to them.

If you would like advice about the existing routes into teaching or the application process you can still talk to us.


Arriving shortly: Apply 2

Any applicants who have had the misfortune of not securing a place on all three of their options for teacher training will soon be able to apply for remaining teacher training courses through UCAS – this is called Apply 2.


Departing shortly: Graduate Schemes

If you are Level H, a graduate scheme could be the ideal first step after university into employment. Graduate schemes tend to pay at least as well as a typical graduate’s first employment and during the recruitment process place less emphasis on work experience and more on their potential and strengths.

If this is something you wish to consider, acting now is essential, as the number of graduate schemes available for next year are becoming fewer and generally most will close in or around the festive period.


Departing shortly: Year in Industry Placement

Any Level I student even considering going on the Year in Industry Placement should source a vacancy and apply as son as possible.

Year in Industry can be a great way to:

  1. Build up your work experience;
  2. Make a career change; or,
  3. Simply to get a taste of graduate-level employment.

As with graduate schemes, large numbers of placements will close over the festive period.


The next option to arrive is: Masters Applications

Students regularly ask us when they should apply for Masters. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. However, a large number of Masters will be open to apply for as early as now (or earlier) and could remain open as late as August (depending on spaces available). On the other hand, courses such as, Social Work, Psychology (in some cases), Pre-Registration Conversion courses, inter alia, can have earlier deadlines and are often more competitive.

Commonly, Masters are applied for directly through the university provider. However, the most sensible next step is to check with the institution and attend an open day. See below on for information on courses and student finance.


Arriving shortly is: Vacation Schemes and Internships

These are typically appropriate for Level C and I students although this shouldn’t deter Level H students enquiring. Vacation schemes can range from a taster day with a company right through to a few days, week or even a month in training/employment. They are a good way to familiarise yourself with work and for the company to test your suitability for a future position with them such as a graduate scheme or year in industry placement.


Still planning your journey?

This is a great time to visit the Careers and Employability Service if you are feeling undecided about what career direction or how to plan for your future. We can also give great advice on finding work experience and shadowing, writing a CV, cover letter, application form, interview or just for a chat!


The Service will be open until 3pm on Friday 20th of December and then re-open on 6th of January.

Contact us: 0151 291 3246   or

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