How I got my job at Liverpool’s Growth Platform

About me:
My name is Jacob Sanderson, I completed a Business Management degree at Hope University between the period of 2016-2019. I am local to the Childwall area and stayed at home during my time at Hope. I completed my degree with a grade of a 2:1 and I am hoping to go back to complete a master’s at Hope in the future.

Who do I work for and what is my job role?

Growth PlatformI work for the organization Growth Platform; we are a non-profit organization with the aim to support people and businesses in the Liverpool City Region. Growth Platform has been established by the Liverpool City Region’s Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership to simplify and strengthen the City Region’s business investment and growth landscape, making it easier for business to invest, grow and generate more and better jobs for our residents.

I work within the business growth team in as a Business Growth Executive, which is a graduate role. The purpose of my role is to support my team members with day to day work and projects which gives me a wide wealth of experience in different sectors. Regarding personal job tasks, I currently gather business intelligence from each Liverpool City Region borough on a weekly basis about issues that are affecting businesses (most recently leaving the EU and COVID-19). The intelligence I gather is constructed into a report that is sent into government. I am also currently working on a project surrounding Inclusive growth and Good/Ethical Business within the region.

The Journey to my Job

From the age of 16 I had been in part-time work, I worked in the fast food industry, Retail industry and Tourism industry. All these jobs granted me core job skills such as teamwork, communication and customer service in which I use all every day in my current role.
Throughout university I was always passionate about the City Region and targeted a career in which I could help the city grow and began researching organizations that fit my passion. I believe it is important to target a career you have a genuine passion for. As students lack practical experience when applying for full-time job roles after graduation, enthusiasm and willingness to be flexible are two things that will help you stand out.
I had been applying for organizations I had directly researched throughout my studies but was unsuccessful as there was no graduate roles available, instead I emailed the organizations directly asking if any work experience was available so I could get some hands on experience for my CV.
Growth Platform answered my E-mail and I was brought in for a informal chat and was then offered a 6 month contract from this based on my passion for the organization. I am extremely grateful to my team and organization for taking a chance on me and hope to exceed their expectations every day.
I aim to further my education with a master’s degree in the hope that it enhances my skills within my current Job.

My Tips to students

 The Hope staff are wonderful in how they set you up for life after university, but you cannot expect a job role just because you have a degree straight out of university. I recommend working on your CV monthly and attempting to get any hands-on experience you can while studying, this can be vital for your future interviews.
 Utilize the careers hub and don’t leave applying for jobs until you’ve finished your degree you can end up in a purgatory of no work or studying.
 Network as much as possible, since starting my role I have met around 10 people whom are partners in our organization that I networked with throughout my degree. Networking will open doors for you that you couldn’t imagine.
 Enjoy your experience at Liverpool Hope, once you’re gone you will realize how much you love the university and staff.

I would like to give a massive thank you to Liverpool Hope University for their support and guidance for the time I was there. Thanks to my lecturers for providing me with the knowledge and experience that I will carry on with through my career. Special acknowledgement to Paula, Tony and Ilva whom had a great impact in helping me discover my passion within the world of business.

Jacob Sanderson – Junior Support Coordinator at Growth Platform

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