Making the Most of the summer and Keeping busy

It’s not that time of year again

The academic year is normally a predictable cycle of, starting in October, Christmas, Easter, Summer, repeat until graduation. This time round its different. I choose the word different because of Covid-19 means that we have to behave differently: socially isolating wherever practical. Consequently, this will have largely changed all of our plans for at least the summer.

Difference and change by their nature do not mean stop, shut-down or impossible, they mean adaption, improvisation and proactivity.

Making it count

Consequently, this blog is all about getting around the challenges Covid-19 has put in front of us while still improving your career portfolio by sourcing experience opportunities that:

  1. Can enhance your career prospects
  2. Do something truly meaningful

Ways to keep busy

  • Learning and development

Research Project: data-inputting, transcribing documents, mapping, monitoring wildlife videos, for projects across a range of disciplines.

Future Learn offers free short online courses on a range of topics delivered by universities around the world.

InsideSherpa offer free programmes for students to participate in hypothetical job simulations, completing tasks and accessing learning resources. They have worked with a number of companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Citi, KPMG, Deloitte and Linklatters. When signing up to their programmes please be mindful of their Data Collection Statement.

Free courses with the Open University

  • Work experience

Covid Mutual Aid is helping to co-ordinate community help and support activities. provides a wide range of volunteering opportunities and provides a search engine to help find activities based on your career passions and helping interests.

Other virtual work experience providers

Accenture                        Baker McKenzie                 Citi                                    ClickDo

Deloitte                           EY                                           JP Morgan                       KPMG

Latham& Watkins          Pinsent Masons                  White & Case

  • Jobs

See Job Searching 101 blog post

Tips and updates

Prospects 7 ways to improve your graduate employment in lockdown

  1. Pick up a hobby
  2. Take an online short course
  3. Start reading
  4. Improve your online presence
  5. Sign-up as a volunteer
  6. Learn a language
  7. Craft a perfect CV

Next Step Support is a career resource dedicated to helping students and graduates from university careers services and graduate recruiters.

The New World Order: jobs for a post-pandemic future

GOV.UK: working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re still here to help!

As always, the Careers and Employability is here to help, even in these difficult times. You can access us, via emailtelephone or video call by emailing as well as My Careers Centre.


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