Virtual interview advice in a time of Covid-19

AGCAS Disability Task Group Blog

”…Providing some practical (interview) tips for students can make a real difference to them increasing their chances of a successful outcome. This is especially important for neurodivergent students who may have some additional challenges with communication…and increased levels of anxiety.’’

One huge change that has happened during Covid-19 has been the flip to, and necessity for many to work from home. This has accelerated flexible working that was seen to be a part of the industrial revolution 4.0.It has also meant that many students if they want to apply for jobs now or in the future will need to be confident to participate in all stages of the virtual hiring processes.

Face to face interviews, while costly in time and money can sometimes be easier to gauge the responses from others in the room when being interviewed. Some of the non-verbal cues that you would normally recognise can be missed…

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