Back to Basics…Taking A Placement Year

For level I students it’s a critical time in the placement year calendar with applications now open for many of the big schemes but how much do you really know about this career enhancing opportunity? In this blog we go back to basics with the placement year.

What is a placement year? 1 academic year spent in the workplace – usually taken between level I and level H. You need to complete the equivalent of 9 months full-time work, the majority of advertised opportunities are for 1 year (12 months).

What kind of job can you do? Taking a placement year offers you the opportunity to spend time working as part of your degree and Hope’s programme is extremely flexible so you could work for a big blue chip organisation or for a charity…the choice is yours; just like it is when you finish your degree. So whether you see yourself donning a suit and working in audit or really want to work in curation in a museum why not get some valuable work experience by taking a placement year?

Who can take a placement year? Here at Hope almost every undergraduate has the opportunity to undertake a placement year (the only exceptions being those whose course already include a significant period on placement – Primary BA QTS, Social Work and Sports Rehabilitation). So if you’re on any other undergraduate course you have the option of undertaking a placement year as part of your degree.

For some students (e.g. Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence) there’s the option to choose a placement year when applying through UCAS, for those without this option you can transfer onto a placement year variant at any stage in level C or I. By letting Careers & Employability know you’re interested we can support you through the finding and applying process.

How to access support contact Anna Worsley, Senior Employment and Placement Officer on if you’re interested in taking a Placement Year. Careers & Employability will then send you regular updates including opportunities we spot and details on how to access one to one support with your search and applications. We also have a lot of resources on My Careers Centre here you’ll find a jobs board with advertised opportunities, a list of upcoming careers events and a whole host of online learning and careers resources.

I’d recommend the work placement year to anyone

Joe Perrins, BA Business Management with Placement Year

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