It helps to have more strings to your bow (from ISE: Insights)

A really interesting piece exploring careers and success of graduates in creative & performing arts

Adventures in Career Development

This post originally appeared on ISE: Insights on the 29th October. In it Robin Mellors-Bourne and I discuss new research in which we found that dance and drama graduates report having successful careers that make good use of their skills. We go on to reflect on what this means for our thinking about graduate success and draw out some lessons for graduate employers.

The image of the starving artist creating brilliant works despite the squalor of their surroundings is perpetually frustrating to those who train and practise as artists. Many would tell you that pursuing an artistic career shouldn’t exclude you from having a decent life and that ultimately art thrives where it is appropriately resourced. But it is equally true that pursuing a career in the arts is rarely a short cut to a high salary.

Policy makers and the media have often taken some glee in pointing out…

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