What Accountancy Employers Are Looking For, That School Doesn’t Teach

You’ll learn a multitude of valuable skills while you’re studying at university. As you join the
world of work though, you’ll soon notice there are a few skills that school simply can’t teach

Having a degree definitely gives you a distinct advantage, but applying for jobs is seriously
competitive – especially if you want to get those in-demand dream jobs!

Employers are increasingly looking for candidates who possess traits that will help them
thrive in the business. According to a recent study only 50% of employers believe degree
level applicants have all the skills required for the workforce.

Don’t be discouraged by these perceptions, your qualification is still a valuable addition to
your CV. We’re talking about what else is needed to go with your degree. The other skills
and qualities employers in the accounting field love to see in candidates.

A Willingness to Learn

We hear what you’re likely saying as you read this. You’ve just spent three years learning –
obviously you’re willing to learn! However, consider this.

We are living in one of the most dynamic times in history in terms of business technology
and innovation. New ideas can be shared with ease, and things change very quickly. And
let’s not forget, many businesses have had to shake-up recently due to various pandemic

It all adds up to a highly changeable work arena. Only those who are willing to listen and
learn new practices, technology and techniques, can help propel a business forward.

Show you’re practicing continuous professional development by reading industry
publications and websites. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your knowledge of new or
suggested innovations in any interviews. You’ll be perceived as the true expert you really

A Respect for Experience

We all know people can get stuck in their ways, and that fresh eyes tend to question things.
It’s never a bad thing to challenge the norm.

Remember, the people who interview you aren’t trying to hold you back. They’re more
likely to be looking for a protégé, or a future leader they can mentor.

But also remember that industry wisdom that comes with time. Prove you’re willing to listen
and learn from those ‘in the know’ by spending some time filling your CV with work

Even if you only spend a few days or volunteer, there will be experts you can meet and
network with, who will be more than willing to teach you the true value of experience.

Confidence and An Innovative Attitude

‘Intrapreneurialism’ is the practice of acting as an entrepreneur, but within an organisation.
Employers need a company culture of intrapreneurship in financial roles, as finance is often
the backbone of the whole organisation.

Show confidence in your ability to research and create new ideas. As long as you can back
up the reasoning behind them, be comfortable talking to your peers and higher-ups about Innovation

You don’t have to live and breathe finance to be a success in an accounting career path, but
an active interest will equip you with many of the skills employers want.

Challenge yourself to learn and develop outside of the academic environment, and we
guarantee your CV will be the one that your future boss can’t put down.

Article By – The Accountancy Partnership

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