Focus on: the Business School

Calling all Business School students, The Careers and Employability team have a plethora of resources to support you with your career development.

You can be exploring options through My Career Centre,  on the dashboard panels we have a ‘Careers in…’ panel where there are links to guides and profiles for a range of careers from working in finance to law and working in the charity sector.

We also have a volunteering panel where you can learn more about our volunteering opportunities, our Extracurricular Service and Leadership Award and Duke of Edinburgh Gold award.

You can visit our career pathways section where you can enter the career you are interested in and watch recordings from people talking about their journey and pathways they took into that career:

Gaining Experience is essential for all our Business School students. Either through part time work, summer internships or taking up a placement year.

It is very important to understand that all recruiters recruiting for a year in industry, a summer internship or a graduate job start recruitment early. For example summer internship programmes start recuitment in the autum through to spring for programmes starting in summer.

Same for placement years or year in industry recruitment, if you want to take up the option of a placement year at Hope you will have to start looking and applying in the September of your 2nd year right up to May of your second year to start in the summer.

It is exactly the same for Graduate Schemes in your final year, most applications windows start early in August/September with a view to you starting the following summer. There will be some recruitting throughout the year, but I would advise to get looking and applying early.

All these types of opportunities will be accessible through a number fo different ways, listed below:

Job search section in My Career Cente

Placements and internship programme page in My Career Centre.

Virtual placements – Through The Forge which are online and open all year.

Placement year information – Blog from Liverpool Hope Placements Officer

Find out more about placements here – Page with more information on My Career Cente

We have a range of online events from our team, local, national and international recruiters in our events calendar

I advise you check our events on a weekly basis.

Read our blogs:  

Job Searching:

Back to basics with CV writing:

We have much more resources to help you through the application process including interviews and assessment centres, you can also book an appointment to speak to one of our advisers on My Career Centre

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