3 reasons why every student should be on linkedin

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals so you might think it’s for after university rather than for students but think again! It’s never too early to start building networks and LinkedIn can help you get ahead when it comes to gaining work experience, researching companies, staying up to date with sector news and connecting with others. So here are 3 reasons why I believe every student should be on LinkedIn

1. For building networks

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people within your current network and beyond. As a student it’s great to start building networks. You can start to connect with friends on your course, academics, careers advisors and alumni.

Hope have a Placement Year Group for current students searching for a placement year and an Alumni Group for anyone who studied at Hope where we share jobs and news and you can connect with your university network.

Is there any truth in the phrase ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’? Your network and connections probably can’t get you that dream job but they might share the job advert or be able to put you in touch with a mentor or friend who might share a few hints and tips that help you stand out in the recruitment process.

2. For job hunting

LinkedIn is a great place to find jobs – from internships to placement years, graduate jobs and beyond. You can even sign up to job alerts and let LinkedIn do some of the searching for you.

3. For research and information

Once you’re set up on LinkedIn your connections might share news, events, innovation and research so it’s a great way to get started with exploring careers and staying up to date with industry trends. You can also follow companies and join groups.

For anyone looking to learn a new skill there’s also LinkedIn Learning a paid feature with a free trial available.

Ready to get started? Check out this great LinkedIn resource and our next steps video and feel free to add the Hope careers team as connections

Anna Worsley on LinkedIn

Chris Biggs on LinkedIn

Clare Baker (Alumni) on LinkedIn

Jen Ratcliffe on LinkedIn

Mark Saunders on LinkedIn

Oliver Back on LinkedIn

Rebecca McCoy on LinkedIn

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