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As the Covid-19 pandemic begins to ease, the outlook for workers promises to be better soon.  As part of a workforce upskill initiative, flexible working platform, redwigwam has partnered with other organisations as a sponsor for the new Superpower Up campaign.  The campaign promises to provide needed resources to help flexible workers build their CV, tackle job interviews, and improve their profiles by learning new skills that employers demand of their workers. 

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redwigwam provides the UK with the country’s largest flexible working community.  It has been busy throughout the pandemic, providing labour exchange services to over 4,500 employers and to thousands of flexible workers so they can meet workforce demand and provide temporary relief for regular employees who were forced to quarantine due to the virus.  These companies included Coca-Cola, Tesco, Kellogg’s, Burton’s Biscuits, Morrison’s, Proper, Simply Cook, and the Snaffling Pig Company.

The latest labour force statistics are fascinating.  As we move into this new era, the concept of building new skills and new employment opportunities is starting to take shape. The UK’s workforce understands that the concept of work is changing.  Check out these statistics just out from a recent redwigwam survey:

  • Four out of five workers surveyed (82%) are excited about learning new skills that guarantees a successful work experience when the pandemic is finally over.
  • The skills and training most desired and most in demand by those surveyed includes digital capability (59%), followed by Microsoft Excel training (49%), entrepreneurialism (45%), writing a successful CV (32%), and best practices for nailing the job interview (31%).

The composition of UK’s workforce also seems to be changing. The redwigwam survey found that 43% of workers described themselves as working with no dependents, and 20% are working parents.  Many of these are what we identify as “flexible workers” who often meet the demands of large corporations who need workers on-demand and with varied scheduled availabilities.

These findings match the goal of the Liverpool-based company’s Superpower Up campaign.  redwigwam is partnering with some of UK’s leading business experts to provide upskilling webinars for workers who are desperate to learn new skills that will make them more in-demand in the new economy. 

Some of the subjects of these webinars will include digital skills, marketing, and personal branding.  On April 21, redwigwam provided a LinkedIn training by offering social media expert Alex Low, who offered the redwigwam community with tips on how to use LinkedIn to build a better profile and to use it as a dynamic recruiting tool.  Important webinars such as these will be part of redwigwam’s contributions to the Superpower Up campaign. 

These Superpower Up resources, will be available to over 150,000 flexible workers who are currently registered on the AI-powered redwigwam website.  Thousands of these workers will have new opportunities to learn the skills they need to improve their job marketability.  

Lorna Davidson, Founder and CEO of redwigwam, said: “We believe this is a totally unique campaign in which some of UK’s foremost experts, in partnership with redwigwam, will pass on their knowledge and skills free of charge. As a business, our purpose is to change work for good and as part of this we believe in the importance of giving back.

Lorna stated that redwigwam’s goal is for “workers to have the opportunity to upskill, something our survey made clear is a major requirement as we start to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, and hirers will also benefit as the workers they need to recruit will be better equipped to meet their needs.”

Dan Parker, Digital Marketing Executive at redwigwam, said: “I’m extremely excited to be involved with the Superpower Up initiative. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our wigwamers to learn some invaluable skills and increase employability for the future.  I can’t wait to give back to our hardworking wigwamer community.”

Rachael Johnston, redwigwam’s Community Manager, said: “I chat to our workers daily and there’s definitely a need for flexible working. The skills our wigwamer will take away from the webinars will really help empower them to have the work/life balance they want.”

Please come back often as our blogs provide additional information about the Superpower Up campaign in the coming months and plenty of student jobs available. 

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