Add to your CV with virtual experience

Looking to add to your CV this summer? Why not complete a virtual experience?

What is virtual experience?

Virtual experiences usually offer you an insight into a business or sector. You’ll complete the entire programme in your own time, accessing everything remotely. You’ll find a range of opportunities being advertised – some will take a couple of days while others can be completed in 5-6 hours. It’s a great way to learn more about a role and an organisation whilst adding to your CV.

What kind of roles can I explore?

With opportunities advertised in banking and finance, marketing, business, law, public sector, policy and charities there’s probably a virtual experience to suit you whatever your career interests or aspirations. If you’re not sure of your preferred career direction there’s nothing to stop you exploring a range of options by undertaking more than one virtual experience.

Is it a competitive process?

The advantage of a virtual experience is that there’s often unlimited capacity so in most cases the experiences are open to all.

Does that diminish the value of the experience?

No, while they’re open to all not everyone will undertake one so you’ll still stand out by signing up and participating. Some employers will also assess your progress or success on the virtual experience and may use it within their recruitment processes.

Where can I find opportunities?

The Bright Network Liverpool Hope University has partnered with The Bright Network to bring you a range of virtual experiences this summer. Each experience is a three day immersive programme with industry projects set by employers and a certificate of completion. Find out more and sign up here

Forage offers opportunities from big name firms from around the globe. Each experience is 5/6 hours in duration and you’ll earn a certificate upon completion. View all their opportunities here

Want to know more about virtual experiences? Check out the information on Prospects and Rate My Placement

If you still have questions about virtual experience why not speak to a member of our team? You can book an appointment via the ‘book a careers appointment’ tab on My Careers Centre

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