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This guest blog was written by Peter Mellody from The University of Law

Do you have an interest in Law? But not studying a Law Degree? Well, Pete Mellody from the University of Law has shared his story on how he became a successful solicitor and now a lecturer from studying a Sports Science degree.

Converting from Personal Training to Law – Blog by Pete Mellody from the University of Law.

My first degree was a 2:1 in Sports Science and Business Management and I worked for 2 years as a Personal Trainer before deciding to convert into Law. As a Personal Trainer one of my PT clients was a partner in a law firm and I was fascinated by his entertaining stories and wealth of legal knowledge. This acted as a trigger for me and I began to explore what a career as a solicitor would be like. 

I soon discovered that I had lots of transferable skills such as good communication, empathy, a natural ability to negotiate, and a hunger for knowledge.              

I applied for and joined the GDL law conversion course at the University of Law, which took a year to complete. I continued to work as a Personal Trainer throughout this time too. 

At that stage I was keen to get legal experience so I sought out a paralegal role in a high street practice in Liverpool City Centre, which gave me some invaluable insights into the legal career I was heading towards. 

I then continued my study to become a solicitor via a 2 year part time LPC course. This allowed me to study and do my training contract at the same time. It was a very busy period of my life but it flew by and before I knew it I was a qualified Solicitor which gave me a real sense of achievement.

I went on to work as a Solicitor for 17 years, specialising in Employment Law, Dispute Resolution, and Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence, before deciding to become a Lecturer at the University of Law.  

Peter’s story is one which can inspire anyone. The skills you as a student will gain throughout your three year degree course can lead you on to many amazing career opportunities.

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