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Back to Basics: Application forms

In this blog I am going to take you through some basic tips with using application forms to apply for jobs.  Here are some basic instructions to help: Read the instructions This sounds so simple, but I have been supporting people with writing applications… Continue Reading “Back to Basics: Application forms”

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Career as a Freelance Language Teacher

Whether the economy is rocking, or whether things are looking a little shaky, there’s one thing that you can guarantee. People will always be looking to learn languages! And this trend is going nowhere. With that in mind, we thought we’d condense more than a… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Career as a Freelance Language Teacher”

Focus on: the Business School

Calling all Business School students, The Careers and Employability team have a plethora of resources to support you with your career development. You can be exploring options through My Career Centre,  on the dashboard panels we have a ‘Careers in…’ panel where there are… Continue Reading “Focus on: the Business School”

What Accountancy Employers Are Looking For, That School Doesn’t Teach

You’ll learn a multitude of valuable skills while you’re studying at university. As you join theworld of work though, you’ll soon notice there are a few skills that school simply can’t teachyou. Having a degree definitely gives you a distinct advantage, but applying for… Continue Reading “What Accountancy Employers Are Looking For, That School Doesn’t Teach”

My experience of studying Psychology at Hope

Article first featured on, posted on November 11, 2020 My name is Vaishali and I have recently graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a degree in BSc Psychology (honours). One of the main reasons why I chose Psychology at Hope was because of… Continue Reading “My experience of studying Psychology at Hope”

Back to basics…CV Writing

What is a CV? A tool to market yourself for jobs How your content effectively matches the role’s requirements (i.e. Skills, Knowledge and Experience) of a vacancy. The better you can demonstrate this match, with relevant information, the better your chance of being short-listed.… Continue Reading “Back to basics…CV Writing”