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How to secure a teaching job overseas

This weeks blog has been written by Teachers for Asia. Teachers for Asia have helped thousands of people find teaching positions since 2009 in many locations throughout China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand. Below they have shared their top tips… Continue Reading “How to secure a teaching job overseas”

5 skills needed to start up your own business

Starting your own business is tough. It takes a lot of hard work, effort and emotion, but most people understand that the rewards of doing so outweighs the toil of getting there. And that’s a good thing. It’s that spark of recognition that keeps… Continue Reading “5 skills needed to start up your own business”

Getting into Social Work

Welcome to our Social Work blog, the follow up from our ‘Get into Social Work’ talk, delivered in the Employability Hub in October 2017. When considering this career, you need to make sure that Social Work is right for you. You can find out… Continue Reading “Getting into Social Work”

Want to make a difference? Why not work for an MP or political pressure group…

Many of our students, especially social sciences students have expressed their desire to pursue a career that makes a positive impact on people’s lives.  There are many different sectors and career paths which will let you do this. You can visit the Liverpool Hope… Continue Reading “Want to make a difference? Why not work for an MP or political pressure group…”