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How to make the perfect skills-based CV

During this blog we will discuss travel, philosophy, cooking, mirrors and back again! All of which will be about how to make the perfect CV…trust me. For those of you who see a contrast between the title and quote above, firstly let me explain…some… Continue Reading “How to make the perfect skills-based CV”

Job-Searching 101

Under the current cloud of Covid-19, sourcing and securing employment is a whole new challenge, both in terms of available jobs and the recruitment process per se. The purpose of today’s blog is: to help enhance your approach during the outbreak. prepare you for… Continue Reading “Job-Searching 101”

A student’s guide to networking

This week’s theme from Careers Steps to Success is all about student professional networking and has extracts taken from MilkRound by Matthew Galvin. In today’s interconnected society, the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” has never been more true. While… Continue Reading “A student’s guide to networking”

Guest blog: What to Do Next – Careers Advice for New Graduates

After several years of hard work, you should now be armed with new skills, experiences and a drive to make your first steps into the working world as a graduate. Transitioning from student to a graduate worker is by no means an easy process,… Continue Reading “Guest blog: What to Do Next – Careers Advice for New Graduates”

Inspiration for Active Career Decision-Making

This final instalment on career decision-making will provide you with two practical approaches to active career decision-making and hopefully give you some inspiration in your career journey too. In this edition we will look at Emma Rosen’s radical sabbatical 25 before 25, where she… Continue Reading “Inspiration for Active Career Decision-Making”

Career decisions: “I don’t know what to do after University, what do I do?”

This week’s theme for Careers Steps to Success is all about different techniques for effective career decision-making. The online presentation (see My Careers Centre: Techniques to Finding a Future Career) identifies five different approaches with useful tools to enhance the process: First and foremost, this… Continue Reading “Career decisions: “I don’t know what to do after University, what do I do?””

Career Thinking: the ultimate chicken and egg conundrum

Keeping in with the Easter theme. The more I’ve experienced, both as a student and a worker, the frequency of this analogy in my choices…how do we decide on a career options? or worse still, how do I even get started thinking about career?… Continue Reading “Career Thinking: the ultimate chicken and egg conundrum”

8 Tips for Masters Personal Statement Writing

a) Planning Stage Tip 1: Read the information carefully Does the description come with a brief or particular information to include in the statement? This could include emphasis part of your current studies, work experience or even a brief research proposal. It is also… Continue Reading “8 Tips for Masters Personal Statement Writing”

Conversion Masters, Other Subjects and Career Change

At the start of my final year I decided that I didn’t have a professional interest in my subject anymore. Thinking and accepting this are two different things entirely. My inner voice would say:  “This has taken three years so your stuck with it”… Continue Reading “Conversion Masters, Other Subjects and Career Change”

Thinking about studying a Masters?

This is a lowdown of everything Masters to help you decide if it is right for you and to know some of the potential benefits for your career development. What is a Masters degree? A Masters degree is a Level 7 qualification (Bachelors degree… Continue Reading “Thinking about studying a Masters?”