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How to…find a placement year

With the option of a taking a placement year as part of your course now available to the majority of level I students here’s our guide to finding and applying for a placement year. Your Placement Year Search It’s hard to know where to… Continue Reading “How to…find a placement year”

Final calls and new arrivals for The Careers Express

  Career opportunities during the winter months, for students, has always reminded me of being at a train station at rush hour: that mad dash to catch a departing train or staring at the board, struggling to find which platform you need to be… Continue Reading “Final calls and new arrivals for The Careers Express”

5 reasons why you should join a club or a society

Originally posted on Liverpool Hope University Blogs:
University is often one of the best experiences in a person’s life. Not only do you have the chance to learn and progress in your chosen field, but you’ll also meet some amazing people and you’ll grow…

What is a Placement Year?

Almost every undergraduate student (1st & 2nd year) now has the option of taking a placement year as part of their degree programme. Find out more about this exciting, and potentially life-changing opportunity in our latest blog…

Getting the most out of your university experience

Originally posted on Liverpool Hope University Blogs:
Hi everyone. My name is Grace and I’m in my third year studying Media and Communication. I think it’s so important for students to get the most they can out of university, but sometimes it’s hard to…


Postgraduate Initial Teacher Training (England & Wales) opens for applications tomorrow, 8th October, so if you’re thinking of applying to teacher training to start in 2020 this blog is for you! Research all your options You can use the DfE search tool to find available options and… Continue Reading “THINKING OF APPLYING FOR TEACHER TRAINING? APPLICATIONS OPEN 8 OCTOBER 2019”

Work at Hope with Hope Works

Hope Works is Liverpool Hope University’s on-campus jobs portal. A wide range of jobs are available on both campuses. You could be showing prospective students around on Open Days, or working regular shifts in Our Place – a great way to earn a little… Continue Reading “Work at Hope with Hope Works”

Looking for a part-time job?

If you’re looking for a part-time job to fit alongside your studies then look no further! Here’s our essential guide to finding a part-time job.  

Graduate Access to My Careers Centre

Calling all graduates…if you didn’t know already graduation isn’t the end of your relationship with Liverpool Hope University. You have access to careers and employability support for the next three years as part of our Three Year Promise. The most useful features of the… Continue Reading “Graduate Access to My Careers Centre”

Graduated, now what?

Congratulations Class of 2019! It’s a week after our wonderful graduation ceremonies, I really enjoy the effort we put into our graduations at Hope. The whole University comes together to make those days special for everyone. I hope every one of you take some… Continue Reading “Graduated, now what?”