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Film and Visual Culture: Guest Speakers Panel

On Tuesday 12th March a panel of speakers from the film and video production industries shared their stories, knowledge and experience with first year students on the Film and Visual Culture course at Creative Campus. “Do your research, know the companies, know what they… Continue Reading “Film and Visual Culture: Guest Speakers Panel”

Network to a Successful Career – Part One

What is it? Networking in its most basic form is talking to people and exchanging ideas. In a professional sense it involves meeting with specific professionals or experts for the purposes of sharing information, gaining exposure, building and maintaining future relations. Even if you… Continue Reading “Network to a Successful Career – Part One”

Exploring British Science Week

British Science Week has arrived and Liverpool Hope University is delivering a range of activities, workshops and talks throughout the coming days. Is this for you? Absolutely! If you are anything like me the word Science can feel irrelevant at first glance, creating connotations of… Continue Reading “Exploring British Science Week”

Born to teach? The why, who and what of teaching

Ahead of our Teaching & Education Fair on Monday 25 February let’s take a quick look at what is involved in a career in education, from why people do it to how to get started on your teaching career. Whether you are studying your… Continue Reading “Born to teach? The why, who and what of teaching”

Can your dissertation help you get a job?

The dissertation will likely be the most thorough and in-depth project you will have ever done and perhaps will ever do in the future. In a congested graduate labour market where degree subjects are very similar between universities the dissertation is one way to… Continue Reading “Can your dissertation help you get a job?”

No idea about your career? Handy tips to get you started

‘The future depends on what you do today’ – Mahatma Gandhi Whether you are in your first year or your final year, it is never too early or too late to start considering your career options. But instead of trawling through page after page… Continue Reading “No idea about your career? Handy tips to get you started”